- VHF Retrofit Kit

VHF Retrofit Kit

Easily add VHF antenna channels 7 to 13 capability to your current Antennas Direct antenna. The VHF Retrofit Kit allows you to receives VHF signals for up to 25 to 50 miles from the broadcast towers. The kit will attach to most ClearStream and Bowtie antenna reflector screens or the kit can be mast mounted. For both indoor and outdoor use. The kit includes VHF UHF weatherproof combiner housing, 3 foot RG6 jumper cable with weather boot, and 4 zip ties. - 50 ft. High-Performance RG6 Digital Video Coaxial Cable

50 ft. High-Performance RG6 Digital Video Coaxial Cable

The 50 ft. High-Performance Coaxial Cable is made using copper-coated steel with a high-capacity center conductor and a larger insulating dielectric that allows you to expand the mounting options for your antenna while providing you with the highest-quality picture available. Our coaxial extension cables are made using premium UL-certified, precision, high-quality F-connectors. Our cables exhibit extremely low signal loss and are digital HD ready.