- The Luminous Loop-De-Loop Speed Track 79.95 USD

The Luminous Loop-De-Loop Speed Track 79.95 USD

Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this is the 5 1/2′ racetrack with over 100 pieces that snap together to form unlimited layouts with four loop-de-loops. Made from durable neon-colored plastic that glows in the dark, the blue, magenta, green, orange, and yellow track sections snap together easily into gentle curves, hairpin turns, rising bumps and lowered dips, and four arching loops that add whimsy and exciting challenges to the course. The two included motorized cars have built-in LEDs that illuminate the track as they race along via infrared controllers. Requires two AAA batteries. Full setup requires 69″ L x 24″ W footprint. Ages 3 and up.u00A0 - The World’s Smallest RC Car 29.95 USD

The World’s Smallest RC Car 29.95 USD

At only 2 1/2″-long, this is the world’s smallest remote controlled race car. Ideal for racing against pets and insects or performing pint-sized stunts, the 1:63 scale vehicle speeds through hallways or tabletop straightaways at up to 5 mph. The remote control enables forward/backward/left/right movements from up to 50′ away. Includes four cones to create finish lines or obstacle courses. Provides up to 25-minute drive times from a 5-minute charge via the remote control which requires two AA batteries. Ages 14 and up.u00A0