- The Lifelike Companion Puppy 159.95 USD

The Lifelike Companion Puppy 159.95 USD

This is the plush canine that looks, feels, and sounds like a real puppy. When pet or hugged, touch sensors located on the puppy’s back cause it to whimper with a lifeike heartbeat just like its lifelike counterpart or when its owner speaks, it responds with a lively bark. Ideal for all ages, it offers the companionship of a real pet without the stress and expense of feeding, vet bills, or grooming. Its fluffy synthetic fur is soft to the touch and can be brushed just like a real dog’s coat. Includes four C batteries. Freckled or Golden. - The RC Catapult Car 49.95 USD

The RC Catapult Car 49.95 USD

Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this is the remote-controlled car with a 75u00B0 ball launcher to obliterate enemy toys. Buttons on the remote enable one to raise/lower the rear ball cannon and fire an included ball up to 5′. Made from aluminum alloy, the three-wheel vehicle also has a robotic grabber that clamps and releases opponents or action figures. The remote control has a 82′ range and directs the vehicle forward/backward/left/right. Car charges via USB; remote requires three AAA batteries. Ages 8 and up. 10 1/2″ H x 8 1/2″ L x 6 1/2″ W. - The Play Enticing Canine’s Squeakers 39.95 USD

The Play Enticing Canine’s Squeakers 39.95 USD

This is the set of three plush dog toys that move when they are bitten or squeezed. Triggering a canine’s natural prey drive for tiny animals, the toys’ legs/tails swish back and forth without batteries to help keep a dog engaged for hours. Constructed with durable mesh lining and reinforced seams, the heavy-duty toys are built to withstand hours of rigorous play. Includes frog, lobster, and shark toy. Each toy 10″ L. - The LED Waterproof Knit Hat 49.95 USD

The LED Waterproof Knit Hat 49.95 USD

This is the knit hat that keeps your head warm and 100% dry and lights the way ahead hands-free with an integrated LED headlamp. Ideal for early morning dog walks or snowy hikes, its three layer waterproof construction consists of au00A0 waterproof membrane sandwiched between a durable 100% acrylic outer shell and a heat-trapping 100% polyester microfleece lining. The four-lumen LED in its cuff illuminates your path with three levels of bright white light that can be seen from over 500 yards away. Removable LED provides 11/2-4 hours of light and recharges in less than two hours when plugged directly into a USB port. Machine wash. Black. Sizes S/M, L/XL, and XXL. - Always My Daughter Diamond Bracelet 99.95 USD

Always My Daughter Diamond Bracelet 99.95 USD

This is the sterling silver-plated bracelet accented with two sculpted hearts—each adorned with a genuine solitaire diamond—and engraved with a sentimental message for a daughter. The handcrafted jewelry displays the love of a Mother or Father with the heartfelt message “Wherever Life Takes You, You’ll Always Be My Daughterâ€Â� and a pair of hearts to symbolize the parent and child relationship. It has dual hinges for an easy on/off design and fits most wrists. Arrives in a gift box and comes with a certificate of authenticity. - The Genuine Irish Tweed Patchwork Quilt (Full) 899.95 USD

The Genuine Irish Tweed Patchwork Quilt (Full) 899.95 USD

Available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer, this is the genuine Irish patchwork quilt handcrafted in County Donegal, Ireland by an 88-year-old bespoke tailoring firm.u00A0Originally a symbol of Ireland’s working class, tweed patchwork’s appeal has since transcended socioeconomic status thanks to its superior heat retention, durability, and charm. Each tweed square is woven from the fine coats of purebred Suffolk and Texel sheep, breeds renowned for yielding a dense, warm fleece. The squares are hand-selected to create a patchwork with a rich array of colors and textures, evoking the diverse landscape of the Donegal Highlands. The squares are handwoven using straight lock stitching, a technique that provides additional strength at the seams and yields a more durable quilt. The underside of the quilt is lined with 100% cotton that’s soft against the skin. Since the tweed squares are selected and sewn by hand, each quilt is truly the only one of its kind. Dry clean only.Full. 86″ L x 68″ W. (51/2 lbs.)